I want to see the sky upon the wall.
Хотелось бы оставить у себя, потому что вызвало улыбку длиною в_.

How I met Jared Leto!

Enjoyed the best sunset on top of the Spanish steps in Rome. After the sunset I walked away from the crowds towards the park and then found a corner where no one was around. I climbed up a fence to get a picture of the city lights. Someone said "Hey you, Don't jump!" I turned around and said "I won't even die.. (or some equally crappy response) ... Wow you look so much like Jared Leto ..did you know?"

"I don't know"

"Alright well.. now you know... Can I give you a hug?" (I was traveling by myself, I gave hugs to most people who made me happy in any way ..street musicians, artists, chefs, waiters etc. Seems weird when I narrate it though.)


He said "Whoa GREAT Hug!"

I noticed his tattoos and his intense eyes. "Are you Jared fucking Leto?"

His phone rang. He smiled. Answered it and put it on loudspeaker. Person on the line said "Hi Jared!" He smiled and said "I have to take this."

He came back after the call and I said "You're awesome. Thank you, for being you."

He asked me about me, what I do, where I was from, why I was by myself etc.

And then he said "I'm walking this way if you want to walk with me."

Had the most amazing, intense stroll in Rome with Jared fucking Leto. When Jared Leto looks into your eyes and asks you "What do you live for, Shlurpp?" You end up questioning your existence.

"I have to take a picture of this to make sure I'm not hallucinating.. Is that criminal?"

"No! Sure!"

He seemed so genuinely interested in my life and my thoughts. He was considerate, funny, kind, humble - I think if there was an award for the most perfect humans on earth, Jared would be in the running every single year.

Ended up going to a crazy electronic music event with his friends. And that's the story of how I met Jared Leto.

tl;dr: Bumped into Jared Leto in Rome and walked around with him. He is perfect and has no flaws.

Не быть раздаточной машиной, но правильно чувствовать своё настроение и следовать ему.
Я вовсе не всегда желаю объятий, но знаю
объятие во мне есть.

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Maybe one day I can fly with you.