I want to see the sky upon the wall.
Ночью читала обрывками в Twitter'овских заметках. Пускай жизнь тебя бережёт. За всех.


Here’s the full speech Jared Leto gave at the Independent Spirit awards

I’d like to thank, first of all, the youngest and the most inspiring actor in the entire fucking room, Bruce Dern. In case this is the last time that I get to thank anyone, I’ve wrote down a couple names. I want to thank Film Independent and Jason Weinberg. Thank you Jason for making this so fun and so classy and so cool. I’m really so honored to be able to work with you. Robin Baum, as well, the most beautiful and classy publicist in the business—wherever you are and your daughter somewhere, hiding. To my bigger and better brain, thank you for everything. Nick Sullivan and Jim Toth, I love you guys so much, thank you. Josh Lieberman, Mora Rifter, Jean-Marc Vallee, Matthew McConaughey—alright, alright, alright. After Dallas Buyers Club, читать далее.

Люблю. Спасибо.

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2014-03-02 в 14:33 

Ух! Шикарная речь)

all of the women who think they’ve been with me

2014-03-02 в 23:12 

Чудесная речь. От и до. :)


Maybe one day I can fly with you.